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Stockmens Bank - Cascade, Montana

Centenial LogoAbout Stockmens Bank

Stockmens Bank is an independent bank that is locally owned, serving the Cascade community and the surrounding area since 1917.

Stockmens Bank was established to serve the needs of the people, their businesses, and the community.

It is the goal of Stockmens Bank to maintain their reputation as a respected bank and lending facility. We strive to provide courteous, friendly, and responsible service to our customers. We offer a variety of deposit products and services at competitive rates.

Our Board of Directors, officers and staff believe in the Cascade community and the local area and are willing to assist our friends, and neighbors with all of their banking needs. Stop in or call today and give us the opportunity to see how your locally owned hometown bank can help you.


Our History

Stockmens Bank 1917Banking in Cascade, Montana began in the early 1900s when James E. Marcum, who owned and operated the Marcum Mercantile felt there was a need for a bank in the community and started a banking operation within his mercantile business. In 1910, he moved his banking interest to a separate building and in 1917, along with other local businessmen, organized the Marcum State Bank. On July 26th, 1920 the Articles of Incorporation were amended to change the name to Stockmens Bank.

In April of 1909 a second bank opened its doors to the community, the First State Bank of Cascade and the two banks co-existed in the small town of Cascade until the federal bank moratorium of 1933. The two banks agreed to merge into one new bank, contingent on retaining the name Stockmens Bank The merger was finalized on December 19th, 1933 and the new Stockmens Bank was open for business.

The Moore family manages Stockmens Bank today and has been involved in the banking industry since the 1900’s. M. M. Moore began his banking career in Lakefield, Minnesota in 1900, spent 8 years as a banker in Whitebird Idaho, and in 1914 came to Cascade, Montana where he was hired as Cashier for the First State Bank. In the 1933 merger between the First State Bank and Stockmens Bank, M.M. Moore was named President of the new Stockmens Bank.

M M Moore

C S Moore

M.M Moore C.S. Moore

M. M. Moore began what is now four generations of banking in Cascade:

  • C. S. Moore, (son of M. M.) joined the bank in 1932 and became President in 1956.

  • Murry S. Moore (son of C. S.) joined the bank in 1961 and was named President in 1985. Today Murry is the CEO and majority stockholder.

  • Larry S. Moore (son of C. S.) joined the bank in 1973. Larry served as Cashier and Vice President until he retired in 1991. Today Larry serves on the Board of Directors and works as a part time consultant to banking operations.

  • Michael S. Moore (son of Murry) joined the bank in 1991and served as Cashier/Secretary until 2008 when he was named Cashier and President. Mike has served on the Board of Directors since 1991.

  • Cheryl A. Cruze (daughter of Murry) joined the bank in 1997. Cheryl serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and was named Vice President in 2008.